SORAYA represents an absolut innovation in this field introducing for the first time on the market a modular patented system (patent n. 202018000003397) capable to accomodate in one boy both a shading curtain or screen door and a sliding glass of 10 mm protecting from the sun and the wind.


The feasible measures are from 1,5 metres to 6 of width until the 3 metres of lenght, in function of the weight of the glass.


– Aluminum profile that is a box and support for the superior guide of the sliding, with the possibility to do a double regulation both in the fixing to the wall, to adapt itself to whatever type of wall, and in the fixing of the sliding (to eliminate differences of angle).
– Total compatibility with RGM structures.
– Hidden terminal in the box with the internal ballast in iron.
– Mirada system for the grip of the cloth, with resistance to wind assured by the extruded PVC on the entire lenght of the guide.
– The box could be inspected to asure flexibility during the assembly of the role.
– The superior profile has a hole for the strip led that could be put between the cloth and the glass to enlight the front of the structure.
– Supporting roll to avoid, in larger spaces, unwanted flexions of the cloth roll.
– Lateral extremities in stainless steel and covers with reduced thickness to assure a clean design.
– Possibility to install the hidden system thanks to the removable superior profile


 RAL 9010
 RAL 1013
 RAL 8017
 Opaque white
 Iron grey

For request of other colours RAL increase of the 10%.


  • Remote control 1 channel
  • Remote control multichannel


  • Darken PVC 622 block out
  • Fabrinet
  • Darken PVC 622 block out
  • Darken PVC 622 block Way
  • Screen polyestere
  • Soltis darken 86
  • Soltis darken 96
  • Soltis darken 92
  • PVC Precontraint 302
  • Soltis darken W 96