The GRETA’s linear design with the structure and versatility of the FLOW’s column! The solidity of the bases meets the beauty of a curvy shape cover in a model that allows to reduce the lateral space required, but to assure stability and safety during heavy rain, due to the better water rain in the column and the innovative eave. Also for this model, a combination of many modules is possible, coupling and placing them.


GRETA FLOW’s structure is realized with aluminium alloyed profiles UNI 6060, accessories made of aluminium and screw made of stainless steel.


-Lateral space required reduced to 335 mm with bilateral inclination on both the protrusions, for a better water drain.
– Windbreaks curved by numeric control with a system of connection by hub to compensate automatically the difference of angle for each curve to reduce the required regolations during the assembly.
– Columns of 205 mm with full-height cover, removable for the inspection and of section with rainwater harvesting system increased up 200 mm.
– Eave of 205×155 mm with the chance to install perimetral LED.
– New guide profile made in aluminium 70×100 mm.
– New monoblocked cart with a pin made by stainless steel and tilting connector.
– Chance to install curtains or sliding doors with frame of 200 mm of deep.
– Finishing eave profiles made of aluminium with pop-out system applicable on request.


 RAL 9010
 Opaque white
 Iron grey

For request of other colours RAL increase of the 10%.


  • PVC Precontraint 622
  • PVC Opatex
  • Opatex pro
  • Opatex Way
  • Electronic single motor 65 (max measures 500 x 500)
  • Electronic single motor 85
  • Remote control 1 channel
  • Remote control multichannel
  • Rain kit