RGM furnishes the outdoors of residences, public places and multifunction areas with style and practicality, overshadowing and lighting, according to the last trends of design.

To the technical skills, the company combines the aesthetical ones of the Architecture and Design department that, from the beginning, it is part of the team for the will of Giuseppe and Mario Rosa, young businessmen with experience in the sector, that have always worked towards innovation, originality and customization of the product.

In the production area of 10.000 mq the company manages and controls the entire production chain, from the fusion of the aluminium until the tests on the final product, passing through the pressing of the plastic matters, the painting, the assembly of the pergolas and the packaging.

rgm mood

The outdoor design of RGM counts on innovation, originality and customizing of the product and it offers to the client more than one solution for the decoration: a life-style, a personalized mood, an emotion to live at the outdoor thanks to the brightness of the led sturdust, the warm of the wood or the refined tradition of the decorations in ceramic.